CVHS’s Improv Show: a memorable night of laughter

“What is something you would never find at Walmart?” asked Shannon Randall, president of CVHS’s Improv Club.

“Democrats,” someone from the audience suggested, which made everyone drown in laughter.

The Improv club hosted its semi-annual Improv Show in the Center for the Arts on Nov. 4. The show was split into two parts, Junior Varsity and then Varsity, with each team performing for two hours.

“Being on Junior Varsity is great,” said Logan Gorkov, one of the six members of the Junior Varsity Improv team. The Junior Varsity performance was anything but dull as the two teams played games such as “Worst Date Ever,” “Two Minute Expert,” and “Dating Game,” all the while improvising everything on the spot.

In the “Dating Game,” three players take suggestions from the audience and reenact whatever role they’re given for the final player, in this case the bachelorette, to date. With hilarious suggestions, Gorkov played the role of Stitch from Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch” and senior Courtney Kirstein pretended to be the disease Ebola.

After the Junior Varsity game, the infamous Varsity team went up stage and ended the comical night with a thundering bang. They played high pressure ended games such as “Do Run” where the players sing a 50s tune with each line rhyming the one before on the spot and “At the Oscars” where a team acts out a scene and on the spot must make it dramatic enough for an Oscar award.

The Nat Grabbers, led by Improv Club’s President Shannon Randall, started off the Varsity game as the underdogs, but eventually beat Jimmy and the Boys, led by Improv Club’s Vice President Alex Borja,  in a last minute, stunning game where each team had to somehow use a random object, provided by the audience, to create short and funny scenes for the audience.

“The Improv Show was really funny,” remarked junior Ricky Teefy. True to her word, the show was definitely a memorable night of laughter.

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