Administration backing up on parking problem

Over the last few weeks students have been warned not to park in the staff lot or in the parking lot without a parking pass. Students, however, are ignoring these warnings and parking where they want to.

This recent behavior has left our school administrators wondering what to do.

“The problem is students that are parking in the wrong spots; there have been times when the special ed kids can’t get to their classes, or visitors can’t park,” said Assistant Principal Jesse Hansen. “When teachers leave the campus sometimes their spots are taken and its all because of students parking in the wrong spot.”

Some of the few solutions to this problem are to ticket or tow cars, but so far the administration is still deciding about whether or not to do that.

“Towing cars is a last resort because we don’t want students to have to spend three or four hundred dollars to get their car back, however if this behavior continues the punishment will come; if we know who the student is we will call them in and talk to them. By February the administration will come up with a proper punishment,” said Hansen.

Some students think there should be more spaces for students to park.

“I don’t think students should park in teachers’ spots, the problem is all the signs restricting parking so I have to park two blocks away from school and walk,” said junior Alex Brown.

Other students believe that the administration is already being strict enough as it is with the parking rules and they need to stop.

“The admin shouldn’t be even more strict with the parking rules because juniors already have enough trouble finding places to park because we can’t buy parking passes,” said junior Chris Carruth.

Will cars end up being towed, or will administration continue to let our students park wherever they want? Only time will tell.

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