Deputy helps students stay safe online


Cyber safety will be introduced to CVHS in Deputy Priscilla Silva’s upcoming presentation, which encourages youths to make smart decisions and consider their safety when using the Internet.

During the mixed presentation of discussion, videos and lecture, Silva will touch on the important facts of media safety including privacy settings on social networks, sharing any information that includes location, and posting any information that may be harmful. In addition, she discusses the legal consequences of cyberbullying and “sexting,” which can lead to arrests.

“They are the only ones that have control over what they ‘publish.’ Once they publish something they have no control over what happens to it, regardless if they delete it or remove it later,” said Silva.

Due to major issues between students at CVHS and the use of social media, the school believes that offering this opportunity will better inform students on how to use the Internet responsibly and what the consequences may be if chosen to abuse it. Many of the previous issues on campus were a result of not being aware of the outcomes that came from what they posted on social media.

Knowing that millions of today’s youth greatly use the media, Silva is not encouraging them to not use the Internet, but rather to continue using it but while also considering their safety and the safety of others.

Silva has been giving cyber safety presentations for two years. She is in the process of scheduling the presentations with all the schools in CVUSD from grades 5-12. She is working with Principal Blaine Torpey to schedule a presentation by the beginning of the second semester at CVHS.

“I believe that digital technology and its applications such as social media are powerful tools. As with any tool, one can build great things, but without training or understanding of the tool, the use of it can become destructive,” stated Torpey.

Silva clearly pointed out that the Internet can be a very helpful tool if used properly. This includes publishing positive things and knowing how to safely use the media and Internet. However, having access to the Internet can have many consequences for their reputation and their future use of media.

Silva hopes for all to attend the presentation and learn more about this very important topic. She hopes that all students can benefit from it.

“Once something is on the Internet, a public place, it can stay there forever,” said Silva.


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