Writers welcome to work as wordsmiths on wednesdays with CVHS writing club

When you eat your lunch on Wednesdays, you might go sit in the cafeteria or the quad with your friends. Some among us, however, escape to fantastical worlds of magic and alternate realities. These people are writers, and they meet in room 501 every week for Writing Club.

The CVHS Writing Club was started five years ago by a freshman with a vision, Laila Birznieks, who graduated in 2015. She wanted students to be able to go to a place where everyone shared the same passion for writing, so she founded a club with advisor Tina Johansson.

“Our club is basically a beautiful society, a community of writers who can all be creative together,” said treasurer Zoie Sanders.

In Writing Club, there is a weekly prompt which members write about and share during club meetings, but it’s not just that. The writers also discuss writing contests and publishing opportunities, and they host writing workshops together with renowned local authors such as Amy Franklin-Willis.

“I’ve been coming here since freshman year. Writing Club is a really cool place because it gives us a chance to focus on our writing. With so much else going on in our lives, it’s often hard to just write, but this club lets us do that,” said junior Haley Booth.

There’s a positive, encouraging atmosphere, so students really enjoy reading their writing to the rest of the club.

“I think it’s a lot of laughs and fun because it’s a comfortable, safe place for kids to get creative without being judged,” commented Johansson.

The club is always open to new members or anyone who wants to write. After school writing workshops are also available to all CVHS students. The next one is on Feb. 23.

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