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Library receives donation from Barona Band of Mission Indians


The Barona Band of Mission Indians in San Diego have recently donated $5,000 to the CVHS library.

Using this recently obtained donation, librarian Kathy Clarke will choose and buy about 250 new nonfiction books of all categories to add to the library’s collection

“Most of our collection of books is old, copyrighted in 1996. I’m glad that our library will be able to have an update in books,” said Clarke.

The Barona Indians, also known as California’s education tribe, believe that education is vital to be successful in the future. They hope to improve the tools that inspire youth throughout California about education, which is why they made the Barona Education Grant Program. Each grant awarded is a $5,000 donation and is offered to all schools around California. The educational funding can help schools obtain much needed supplies like books and computers.

Clarke took this opportunity and submitted an application, which was accepted.

The grant will also help the school adjust to the new Common Core standards.

“With the new Common Core, students are required to research and having updated resources will help,” Clarke said.

The CVHS library is a place where students can read, learn, use computers, socialize, work, study, and even finish homework at the last minute, and in a quiet, calm, and friendly environment. CVHS students will surely benefit from this generous donation.


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    I like books. So cool!

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