Brown and Kashkari race for governor


Governor Jerry Brown and former Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari are battling for the office of California governor. Democrat Brown seeks his fourth term as governor as the state continues to improve, while newcomer Republican Kashkari is trying to compete. Polls show Brown in the lead and Kashkari falling behind.

During the California Gubernatorial Debate, Brown and Kashkari stated their reasons for running for governor of California.

“Our schools, instead of laying off 30,000 people, are now increasing the funding available for all the kids by 30 percent,” Brown said.

“I want to rebuild the middle class of California,” said Kashkari.

As things started to get heated, and topics of kids in California and Proposition 1 were discussed, Brown and Kashkari went back and forth arguing their opinions. Although Kashkari was an immigrant himself, he strongly favors helping the kids in California rather than focusing on the ones trying to come to California.

“Kids in California are suffering too. Nine children in California sued Governor Brown for violating their civil rights,” he said.

Kashkari also emphasizes the struggles he sees within the middle class. In July he spent a week living like a homeless man in Fresno—sleeping on park benches, looking for work and eating at shelters—to highlight California’s poverty rate.

“[Brown’s] 40 years in government has left him out of touch with the struggles of working families. We are ranked number one in poverty,” Kashkari said.

“You talk about poor people,” Brown said to Kashkari. “I’m the one who is raising the minimum wage to ten bucks. I’m the one who gave Latinos drivers licenses so they can legally drive to work.”

Kashkari criticized Brown’s support of an expensive new high-speed rail system.

“Water and schools have to come before the high speed train,” said Kashkari.

Election Day will take place on Nov. 4.

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