Student hungry for a cafeteria change


The CVHS cafeteria has decided to get healthy by serving better food options at breakfast and lunch. Things like sugary treats and drinks are a thing of the past, as the cafeteria staff works hard to provide healthier options for all students.

“I’m expecting new and better quality,” said cafeteria staff member Ana Aguilar. “I expect more students to come in and enjoy what the cafeteria has to offer.”

Not only has the cafeteria food changed, but options across campus are different as well. The vending machines that stood outside of 700, 200, and 600 halls are gone.

“The vending machines had unhealthy snacks that were not healthy for our students, so we are trying to provide healthier snacks at the snack bars for the students,” Aguilar said.

Along with the new menu, CVHS has hired a new cafeteria staff for the 2014-2015 school year.

“I want to make a happy and fun environment for my coworkers,” Aguilar explained. “And I encourage them to be friendly to the kids, because these kids are my kids.”

Senior Christopher Baker has other opinions about the healthy lunches.

“Well, the lunches are boring,” Baker said. “I want healthier lunches, but why can’t they taste good too?”

In fact, many students are disappointed about the new menu. “I really want them to bring back bigger breakfast portions,” said senior Amelia Ortiz. “These small sandwiches don’t really fill me up at all.”

The recent changes in portion size are due to the Healthy Hunger-Free Act, a federal program which focuses on reforming child nutrition. The shift in the cafeteria menu started last school year, upsetting many CVHS students.

Junior Chris Phongsa started a petition in the spring in response to the changes.

“Since this act was enforced by our new director of Nutrients and Foods, our food portions have become smaller, while still regulating the previous price of $3,” said Phongsa. “The purpose of the petition is to ensure  a larger food portion…a larger range of foods and snacks to be picked from….more nutritious foods, and better quality of the foods served.”

The petition received over 600 signatures.

Despite the critiques, Aguilar believes that these new changes to CVHS cafeteria is the key to a better school year. “If you eat healthy food, and eat a healthy breakfast on time, you will be ready to learn and be successful,” she said.

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