Stanford students visit CVHS chemistry class

Photo by Rob Brandt

Have you ever wanted to be taught chemistry by a professional chemist? Well on Dec. 19, Deborah Yager’s chemistry class got to experience just that. The students were taught by grad students from Stanford and CVHS graduate Bright Zhou, now an undergraduate at  Stanford.

The grad students of Stanford have each been in school almost a decade and now they are working in chemistry labs.

The lab they taught was dissolving substances to test their conductivity.

“This lab is about chemical bonding which is where we are in the curriculum,” said Yager.

This lab shows the difference between molecular and ionic compounds and how they could observe compounds, including ones used in diapers.

“The lab was very interesting. The title ‘Diaper Lab,’ however, was a little misleading,” said Chloe Little.

Amaan Fugfugosh agreed and thought this was a great learning experience.

“I think this lab was fun and interesting. My lab group got good data I learned what types of substances are conductive in distilled water and tap water,” said Fugfugosh.

Yager was pleased with how everything turned out. The lab went well and students were smiling and enjoying the learning experience throughout the whole the time.

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