Long Time Principal’s Secretary Leaves

Photo by Anna Talajkowski
Photo by Anna Talajkowski

Jennifer Tica, the secretary for the last five principals, moved on from CVHS in December after spending 15 years working for the district.

Tica came to CVHS in 2000 and instantly fell in love with the student body, which hadn’t been prevalent at her previous position at the district office.

“My favorite part of my job is the students,” said Tica. “I love the energy and all the new exciting things that are happening in their lives.”

Not all the parts of Tica’s job have been so benevolent. Throughout her time at CVHS, she says she has gone through many crazy experiences. Once during a police chase, a suspect pulled up right in front of the office and then ran onto campus.

“I’m the one who makes the announcements on the PA system. Out of reaction I picked up the phone and was going to say ‘We’re on a lockdown, everybody run!’” chuckled Tica. “We always laugh about that because of the frenzy I could have started.”

Although Tica did a lot of work for the school office and the principals, she did not run the school as many believe, though she has created close relationships with staff and students alike.

Tica moved on to work for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department as a sheriff’s technician, and although she did want to be a police officer when she was younger, she jokingly stated, “That ship has sailed.”

Of all the things she’s encountered at CVHS, Tica says one of her biggest departing wishes is for the students to succeed.

“I just wish everybody well and i want the students to keep moving forward and make the most out of their lives,” said Tica.

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