Tutoring put to the test

Photo by Callie Ross-Smith.

For the past few years CVHS has offered after school tutoring for students who are struggling in in subjects such as geometry, chemistry, and biology.

Since progress reports have been sent home, optional tutoring started once again on Mondays and Thursdays for students who have a C or below in these certain classes.

A permission slip was sent home to the parents of students who were struggling with their courses, notifying them of the tutoring options that is being offered.

Volunteer student tutors such as senior Tia King say they have definitely seen improvement in the students they teach.

“There was a freshman who originally had a 1.6 GPA, but by the end of year, he had doubled it to a 3.2 GPA from coming after school for help,” King said. “Now, he’s taking honors classes.”

Junior Jasmin Zhang, who has just started her first year of tutoring, helps other people with geometry.

“The students who really do want help regularly come,” Zhang said. “I’ve noticed that those who really want help will look for it.”

Though the teens who come looking for help benefit from this program, the tutors agree that the time spent after school benefits them, as it’s a fantastic experience because it’s very rewarding and exciting to see their pupils improve.

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