Earthquake drill shakes up CVHS

DSC_2365There was an earthquake drill that occurred at CVHS on Thursday, Nov. 7.  The purpose of a drill is to minimize panic and confusion in the event of a major earthquake so students know where to go and what to do. Staff members and students form teams for search, rescue, and first aid and practice sweeping the school for victims.

This specific drill involved volunteer patients, drama students, and pre-nursing students. During the drill, the volunteer/drama students acted as if they were injured and allowed the pre-nursing kids to take care of them. Pre-nursing students were carrying them, taking their temperatures, checking their heart rates, and making sure they were okay.


“The pre- nursing class spends the first two months of school on first aid and triage. The earthquake drill is a chance for them to put their training to the test,” said teacher Richard Schneck.


Teachers also believe this helps the other students think about whether they would be prepared to handle an earthquake.


“Pre-nursing students learn how well they can handle the stress of a realistic event. They also learn if they’ll be able to handle multiple tasks at once and show they’ve learned first aid and triage,” Schneck added.

During an earthquake drill, teachers will encourage you to stay at school until you get picked up, but if you do choose to leave, you can. If you do choose to leave, please make sure to tell a teacher or administrator. If you do not, the staff must either send out search and rescue for you or they won’t be able to tell your parents where you are.

One thought on “Earthquake drill shakes up CVHS

  • December 3, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Well the earthquake drill was great and all I still think our school isn’t ready for one. About 2-3 weeks after the drill we had an earthquake and the school didn’t acknowledge it.

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