New Google Chromebooks at Marshall Elementary

Everyone loves new laptops. They’re faster, lighter, more powerful, and a lot shinier than any of the clunky dinosaurs that currently reside in computer labs around Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).

Marshall Elementary School will be the first CVUSD school to implement a new line of laptops for their students. Students ranging from second to fifth grade will be receiving new Google Chromebooks to use at school.

The Chromebooks cost about $250 each, which is a lot less than other portable computers. The reduction in cost is due to the fact that none of the files or applications in the computers are stored in the hard drive of the device. Each Chromebook runs Google applications such as Google docs and Google spreadsheet. These applications store all their information in a “cloud,” a wirelessly accessible pool of data and files that must be accessed with a log in. Each student will create their own Google account to access their own “clouds” of data, so more students can work on one device without slowing the device down with large amounts of data storage.

“These are still kids and I need to make sure everything is on the up and up,” stated Jesse Woodward, Marshall Elementary’s principal and former CVHS assistant principal.

Woodward wants to make sure that all the students are well monitored and that the use of the devices is safe and not misused by the students.

By being able to store information in a cloud, students will be able to link their accounts with their teachers’ Google accounts, eliminating the hassle of flashdrives, emailing, and remembering to bring so many papers to class every day. The 36 new Chromebooks will be exciting additions to the set of iPads the students at Marshall are already enjoying using.

Woodward is ready to bring Marshall into the ever-evolving digital age.

“We are really excited to push the technology envelope over here at Marshall,” said Woodward.

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