CVHS AP test score surpass the California standards

CVHS has long been ahead of Californian standards for AP testing, but the 2011-2012 school year really showed the dedication of the teachers and the 363 students who participated in the AP tests.

Last year, AP test scores rose from the year before, with 84 percent passing scores, and 199 out of 671 tests were a perfect five. The Trojans’ pass rate increased four percent from the year before.

“Our overall success has increased,” said Assistant Principal Matthew Steinecke. “The reason is that we have such great teachers who prepare these students for the tests.”

Highest scoring classes included Calculus BC with a passing rate of 97 percent, European History with 96 percent passing, and Statistics with 85 percent passing. AP US History was the most popular test here: 119 students took it, and 81 percent of them passed. CVHS students found that United States Goverment and Politics a hard class with only a 50 percent pass rate.
Even with outstanding scores, AP tests are still worrisome to high school students, and as of last year, fewer students are taking AP tests.

“Our test takers are going down,” says Steinecke. “More students are taking AP classes, but not taking tests.”

Last year, AP tests and STAR tests were scheduled for the same week, and some tests were moved and rescheduled. This year AP and STAR testing will not be held in the same week; AP tests will be after the STAR tests.

There will also be a small increase in price to take the AP exams, and for all students coming from other schools to take the test, the price will be raised significantly.

Although no problems occurred last year, teachers and administration will be watching for cell phone use and cheating.

“We recognize the pressure that these students are going through,” says Steinecke. “We will be making sure that no one is being unfair in these tests.”

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