For seniors, graduation status hangs on contracts

Before caps and gowns or Senior Ball bids can be picked up, the graduation contracts that seniors have received in the mail must be signed and turned in. The contract explains the behavior expected of seniors during their last few weeks of high school.

The contract dictates that seniors must maintain good attendance and behavior in order to participate in senior activities such as Senior Ball, Senior Sunset, and the graduation ceremony. However, despite the fact that the contract puts senior privileges on the line,  many seniors seem indifferent about the contract’s effect on them.

“It doesn’t change anything because you still have to sign a prom contract that requires good attendance anyways,” said senior Darren Liu.

The graduation contract has been effective in deterring seniors from engaging in inappropriate conduct since its implementation in 1997, according to Lorrie Barrera, one of CVHS’s assistant principals.

“The goal here is to remind the seniors that it is important to do well up until the very end,” said Barrera.

The contract specifies that students may be put on probationary status if they are referred to an assistant principal for behavior or attendance problems. Any further infractions that occur while on probationary status will result in the suspension of senior privileges.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost for those at risk of the revocation of their senior privileges due to poor attendance. Students may choose to attend Saturday School to clear up their attendance issues.

More serious infractions of school rules or the law can lead to removal from the graduation ceremony. Any student removed from the ceremony will have his or her diploma withheld, and community service hours will be assigned and must be completed before it is issued. However, in the past few years, there have not been any cases that were serious enough to warrant such drastic measures.

Seniors can turn in their contracts in Room 607.

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