“Inner Ape” plucks (c)Hicken

CVHS students voted on April 2 for their future officers from a group of qualified candidates. Many students ran for various positions but only a few were elected; some familiar faces and some new.

One friendly face is Victor Hernandez-Vega who was promoted from ASB school board representative this year to ASB president for the next school year. He has had extensive experience in student leadership in the past, having served as freshman class vice president and sophomore class vice president.

In the candidates’ forum, Hernandez-Vega shrieked like a monkey, claiming that students bring out his “inner ape.” His opponent Josh Hicken countered this campaign with an animal-related slogan of his own. He encouraged students, “Don’t be a chicken, vote for Hicken!”

“As ASB president I will dedicate, but not limit myself to a few goals,” promised Hernandez-Vega. “Since I am an open-minded person, I look forward to bringing in new activities and incorporating ideas that our student body has.” He has proposed another week-long activity, similar to Homecoming, in the second semester, activities to celebrate diversity, and a boost in student involvement.

Another known officer is Kenji Pinzon-Shigeta who is this year’s ASB treasurer and next year’s ASB vice president. He has also had much experience, having been in leadership since the seventh grade, and having been sophomore class treasurer. Pinzon-Shigeta, like Hernandez-Vega, plans to increase student participation.

The winners of other positions in the ASB elections include Caroline Clemente for secretary, Khush Jawandha for treasurer and Rix Linayao for ASB school board representative.

“I love CVHS and would even love more to be a part of everything that goes on behind the scenes,” enthused Clemente, current junior class secretary.

“I know how to do the job and execute it precisely,” said Jawandha, who has experience as this year’s junior class treasurer. “I am a very hard worker and always give 110% to everything and stay dedicated and never give up.”

“I am easy to work with and I have enough time in my schedule to ensure I attend every board meeting,” said Linayao, the youngest of the elected but certainly not the least experienced, for he has attended numerous house of representatives meetings.

“I do believe that anyone with the drive to run for any position is capable of doing a good job,” said Pinzon-Shigeta. “Leadership is all about passion, which any candidate needs to succeed.”

Winners of the 2012 ASB and class officer elections:

ASB President: Victor Hernandez-Vega
ASB Vice President: Kenji Pinzon-Shigeta
ASB Secretary: Caroline Clemente
ASB Treasurer: Khush Jawandha
ASB School Board Rep: Rix Linayao

Senior Class President: Grace Cho
Senior Class Vice President: Su-Lin Terhell
Senior Class Secretary: Melissa Young
Senior Class Treasurer: David Avila

Junior Class President: Alexandra Esparza
Junior Class Vice President: Jennie Hankins
Junior Class Secretary: Erin Cheung
Junior Class Treasurer: Michelle Timm

Sophomore Class President: Jenna Sparks
Sophomore Class Vice President: Alyssa Roque-Rodarte
Sophomore Class Secretary: Brandy Border
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Alejandro Gonzalez

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