New officers promise CVHS a bright future

Memorable elections, mind-blowing selections, and mournful rejections all happened in less than a week on campus. Voting for the ASB elections took place on April 26 and 27, and sadly, even though every candidate has the qualifications, not every candidate can win.

Kyle Linayao has been promoted from his current treasurer position to the prestigious rank of ASB president. He plans to devote himself to the job, even if it means sacrificing his roles in the DECA and Teens Reaching Out clubs. One of his biggest promises can be found in his slogan: “A vote for Kyle is a vote for a smile.”

“I will bring the most dedication to the job. My goal for the 2011-2012 school year is to inform and involve the student body as much as possible. I have more than enough experience for the job, and I’m glad I have the opportunity to use it,” said Linayao.

Samuel Ison has always had a passion for public service, and he believes his new role as ASB vice president is the best way he can help out the students and the student body. He is well known for how effective his public speaking is, which is fantastic because he will be speaking during announcements next year.
“I will strive to make it so no assembly announcement or public meeting is attended regretfully. Every last one should have more purpose, be more engaging, and overall more enjoyable. And of course I’ll bring as many fresh ideas to the leadership class as possible,” said Ison.
As for the other honorable ASB positions, Brenda Liu won the polls for secretary, Kenji Pinzon-Shigeta won for treasurer, and Victor Hernandez-Vega won for school board representative.
“I’m very organized and a very quick thinker. I’m wiling to work with others and put my responsibilities as a priority. I promise to encourage more student participation and student generated ideas. I wish to bring more spirit onto the campus,” said Liu.
“Leadership isn’t a new concept to me, I’ve had to serve as the praised position as Senior Patrol in the Boy Scouts. And I’ve actually been in leadership since the seventh grade. So commitment isn’t a problem for me,” said Pinzon-Shigeta.
“I plan on taking in new activities for the House of Reps. I promise not to bore them at the meetings and actually have an agenda planned. There isn’t much communication between leadership and the rest of the school, so I will be pondering on how to make sure everyone is well informed about events,” said Hernandez-Vega.
The junior class winners are Jessica Woo, President, Hailey Jorgensen, VP, Kelsey Donovan, Secretary, and Sheba Sharifi, Treasurer.
Sophomore winners are Grace Cho, President, Eunice Jung, VP, Caroline Clemente, Secretary, and Khush Jawandha, Treasurer.
Freshman class winners are Sarah Lee, President, Rix Linayo, VP, Andre Lew, Secretary, and Erin Cheung, Treasurer.


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