CVEF provides grants for teachers

Recently, the Castro Valley Educational Foundation (CVEF) provided block grants to several teachers at CVHS.

The head of the science department, Melissa Kindlespire, was given $300 for pH, temperature, and voltage lab equipment. Andrea Eldridge, head of mathematics, received $440 for Ti-84 plus graphing calculators to lend to students who cannot afford to buy them. Physics and chemistry teacher, Bertram Pinsky, received $400 to buy kits for students to learn about the Cavendish Experiment, involving gravity and the gravitational constant. Also, a sum of $700 was given to teacher Jo Sutton for art supplies.

“The Educational Foundation has been great in supplementing the funds that we’ve been losing little by little and allowing us to do some of the extra that we would have lost otherwise,” said Eldridge.

In addition to the block grants, CVEF also provided mini-grants to teachers at CVHS. John Green received clickers for several classrooms, Roger Kim a mini-grant for books, Terri Bucklin for books and videos, and Pinsky for robotics kits and supplies.

CVEF is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers and businesses dedicated to raising money to donate to the Castro Valley public school system. The organization provides scholarships for seniors in high school, and organized 2010’s annual Dynamic Dinner and annual Science Festival. CVEF also provides grants to fit specific needs of the schools. Applications for scholarships are available to download on the CVEF website,

At the same time, CVEF donated money to Chabot, Independent, Jensen Ranch, Marshall, Proctor, Stanton and Vannoy Elementary Schools, Creekside and Canyon Middle Schools, Redwood High School, and Castro Valley Adult School.

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