Wishes come true for lucky families

Adopt-A-Family is more than a simple charity that CVHS supports. It is the difference between a magical and awful holiday for the 12 families chosen this year.

For those who do not know, Adopt-A-Family is a fundraiser led by Castro Valley Community Outreach. The fundraiser is led by Ray Harris, who organizes the families in need, CVHS Leadership, led by students Austin Bruckner and Jessica Anthony, and advisor Nicholas Whitaker.  Students at CVHS can donate money in their third period class, which Leadership will then collect and pool together.  On the last day of Adopt-A-Family, the Leadership class splits the money evenly between all the people and goes to local shops to try to buy all the items on the families’ wish list, wraps the presents, then brings them to one area to be distributed.

The goal for this year’s Adopt-A-Family is to raise $7,000-$8,000 between Nov. 29 and Dec. 10.

“I know that Leadership asks for a lot from students with the community service projects that we do. All we ask is for students to give what they can, to sacrifice an energy drink to help a family in need,” says Whitaker.

Students at CVHS may overlook Adopt-A-Family because they think that the families at Castro Valley are not as poor as those in third-world countries, but the fact is that although the families are not deprived of things like water and non-toxic air, they still need help this holiday season.

“All too often we write off the needs of others.  For the most part, they asked for socks, sheets, laundry shop, and basic items.  And they’re so grateful for things that we all need,” said Bruckner.

The class that raises the most money earns a party from Leadership, but the real motivation to donating the money to Adopt-A-Family, should be to help families that only want a better holiday season for their loved ones.

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