Homecoming coming round the corner

Homecoming of 2010 is coming upon us and the whole school is raving about the themes and colors. It’s a fun time that everyone enjoys.

Homecoming is a time for floats, fun, class themes, and of course some timeless school pranks.

CVHS students this year chose the main theme, cereal for homecoming which came from all the class voting’s. After voting on Wednesday, Oct. 6 the results were in.

Freshman are Trix and their color is purple. As the newcomers on campus they’ll try to make their mark on CVHS.

The sophomores are Fruity Pebbles and their color is green.            

“I hope that we have a better song girls than last year,” says sophomore, Gabbey Norflin.

The juniors are fruity pebbles and their color is red. The juniors are excited to show off their stuff as upper classmen in song girls and male skit.

Last, but never least, the seniors are Captain Crunch and their color is blue.

“I’m really hoping that the class of 2011 steps up this year for their last year of homecoming whether it be in the float, song girls, male skit, or the march. We need to show off the class spirit that we’ve been holding back,” says senior class president Jasmin Fong.

With all the competition to win homecoming, pranks at this school sometimes go a little too far.

“If we had a healthy competition that didn’t hurt anyone or ruin anything homecoming would be a fun time for everyone,” said assistant principal, Jason Whiteman.

Last years pranks included the keying of cars, tampering with class floats, even physical violence. Hopefully, CVHS  won’t see as much of that this year and avoid anything that could get students in real trouble, like suspension, community service, or counseling.

All in all, CVHS will out do itself this homecoming year. Students here are known for showing passion for their school. Students should look forward to all the interesting displays of creative class pride. As a whole, there is no other high school that can replicate what goes on during homecoming at CVHS.

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