Rebecca Westover, Wonderwoman

New teacher Rebecca Westover  not only teaches AP Environmental Science, she also runs triathlons and does competitive bicycling.

As a high school student, Westover told herself that she wanted to try something new. That is when she thought of doing a triathlon and began to train for one. However, she needed much motivation to keep her going.

“I first started to do triathlons because I wanted to try something new. In high school, I played soccer and ran cross country and track, but without a team, I found that I needed something to keep me motivated,” said Westover.

A racer must be committed and ready to endure physical pain for long time. However, with her new job as the AP Environmental Science teacher, Westover has had a tough time balancing her training with her career.

“I have to admit, my training schedule during the year is a little hit and miss because I get too busy with school. During the summer, I try to get in one or two activities a day but one of the most important things to practice is the transitions between the swim and the bike and the bike to the run; taking time to put your shoes on or taking off your wet suit means precious time that you have to make up,” stated Westover.

When asked if she had a memorable moment during a race, Westover recounted a story that consisted of kindness and good sportsmanship.

“During one of my first races during the swim, I started to pass one of the men who had fallen behind the pack. When I was passing he looked like he was in trouble and I stopped to offer him help because he was treading water and not moving forward,” said Westover. “I got him on his back so he could rest, and then continued on.”

Despite Westover using time to help a person, she still finished third place in her age category.

Westover also competes in long distance bicycle races. She rode a century, which is a 100-mile bike ride, over the summer time.

“I had a lot of fun during the century. One of the best feelings in the world is to be in the middle of a pack and feel like you are coasting at 25 mph,” said Westover as she remembered how much fun she had.

Even though running a triathlon takes a lot of training, a simple breakfast is the true key to doing well in at the start of a race, according to Westover.

“Before I race, I eat a banana and toast with peanut butter. You don’t want to eat a lot because it would end of hurting you during your race,” said Westover.

As the year goes on and a new year approaches, Westover plans to train harder, compete in many more races, and become a great teacher and staff member at CVHS.

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