Poetry Power: “Hysterics of Coffee”

Our showcase of student artwork continues with this poem by junior Evan Griffith. “I like to think this poem is a comment on the influence routine has on our lives, and the sense of claustrophobia it can produce,” he wrote.

Today my coffee pot laughed at me

I believed it to be children at play, or some tv left to babble

But it grumbled too deep

Too evil

It laughed



At my primitive confusion

Of the sound of murky waters 

In a cup shaped of a clown

It reminded me of the packed and shipped 

Laughter of a sitcom

But now all I could hear

Were the awkward empty pauses

In the process

Of recording

So cruel

Was the light

The steam

In my face full of heat and

A scent I could not discard

The mug

The eyes of mechanical beasts


Urging me to flash my white teeth

My cold hands

They tremmered

In the mourning light

One thought on “Poetry Power: “Hysterics of Coffee”

  • January 14, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    Love it! Our Kerrigan makes really cute gurgles and sighs.

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