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New CVHS teacher makes outstanding first impressions

One of CVHS’ newest teachers is already held in high regard by students of standard and AP classes, seeing bright futures ahead for his students and himself.

Victor Wu, joining the CVHS staff in the 2022 to 2023 school year, has taken the position of an Integrated I teacher. Additionally, alongside Anissa Gerdts’ class, Wu teaches one of the more difficult classes at CVHS, AP Statistics. Despite the high level of the class, Wu manages to engage students by creating an enjoyable atmosphere. “He’s really just a chill teacher. He lets us go at our own pace and stuff but still is always there to help,” said AP Statistics student Jonathan Auyong. Another AP Statistics student, Jashsingh Gandhi, simply stated, “Mr. Wu is a super cool and effective teacher.”

Being a teacher of an Integrated I and AP class, Wu teaches a wide range of students from freshmen to seniors. Though he has only been at CVHS for a little over a semester, he has had exposure to various classrooms and students. 

“CVHS is a great school from the students to fellow staff. A lot of people have come around to support me in whatever ways they can and I really am grateful for all the kindness that they have shown me,” Wu explained.

Though he has experienced a smooth integration into the school, Wu did not go to CVHS. 

“I moved up from a small city called Chino, California. Most people are probably more familiar with the neighboring city, Chino Hills,” said Wu. Chino Hills is a name many people associate a recognizable high school with, and to that, Wu explains: “Yes, I did go to high school with Lonzo Ball.”

As for every teacher, there is always the question of “Why did you wish to become a teacher? What did you wish to accomplish?” Although he grew up with NBA potential in the air, Wu had other plans. 

“I grew up around a lot of educators as a kid. That influenced me to follow along in their footsteps. I enjoy being a part of building up future generations and seeing where they will go from there,” said Wu. Teaching students of multiple grade levels allows Wu to view his own impact on them, being able to see how some improve through high school while others chase dreams in university or lives past high school.

With CVHS truly standing out as a school to Wu, he states, “I enjoy teaching and plan on continuing to do this for as long as I can.”

With completely different atmospheres between freshman and senior classes, one would wonder which is easier to teach. “I wouldn’t say that I enjoy teaching one over the other between the Integrated I and AP Stats class. Each class presents its own set of challenges that I as the teacher must navigate through,” said Wu. As much sense as this makes, we all know there has to be a favorite.