CVHS celebrates World Kindness Day

Students practically skipped out of joy around school, collecting free goodies in honor of World Kindness Day on Friday, Nov. 12.

This unique holiday was recently celebrated at CVHS by having different locations around campus hand out free gifts to anyone who would like them during the school-wide lunch period, and it definitely made the campus seem brighter. 

This event was almost like a scavenger hunt: students had a list of all the locations giving out free gifts, and they tried to hit every location before the end of lunch. It wasn’t always your typical gifts being given out, which just made it all the more fun. Things like wildflower seeds, flashlights, toothbrushes, hand warmers, water bottles, hot cocoa, hand sanitizer, and many other unique treats were being handed out. 

Various locations, the Wellness Center, the library, registration window, health office, and the textbook room were all among the locations with these special gifts. The staff members at CVHS that were willing to use their rooms or office helped pull this special day together and make everyone’s day just a little bit better. 

“It was nice to see all the cool and different things that each individual class had!” said Sofia Ortiz, one of the many students who collected all the little presents each room had to offer. 

World Kindness Day was actually on Saturday, Nov. 13, but since school isn’t in session that day, the students and staff at CVHS got to celebrate it a day early. According to the students, the school really came together and made this an enjoyable event for all.

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