“Trojan Connection” brings community together

It has been challenging for students to communicate with one another, obtain information, or to be involved in their school community this year, but Trojan Connection can help with that.

“Trojan Connection is a social media account (Instagram account) run by students at CVHS, for students at CVHS! All students (not just freshmen) will be able to watch interviews conducted by their peers with people who have valuable or interesting information,” explained freshman and co-founder of Trojan Connection, Quentin Hansen. 

This social media account is a place where students can go to to ask questions and get answers about a week later, or share their opinions on what is happening in school.

Staff and leadership can also use Trojan Connection to assess students’ sentiments on specific topics. It is essentially like a community blog that students can participate in.

Since it is a student-run social media account on Instagram, “fundraisers can be promoted, students can share opinions and be heard, watch interviews of people with valuable/ interesting information, and more!” Hansen added.

There are no teachers directly supporting Trojan Connection at the moment, and it is not a club, yet.

If students are interested in Trojan Connection, they can follow them on Instagram @TrojanConnection. If they are interested in joining the team, where they can organize and run the platform, they can DM them to receive more information.

“Our plan for the future is to have a well enough platform to be able to share/post information for students to learn about,” said co-founder freshman Giovanna Franklin-Willis. “This could be information about school related things or international/local news.”

Trojan Connect will officially start after spring break. The majority of interviews and other aspects will most likely remain virtual for the time being, but they will still be available when schools reopen.

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  • April 20, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    This sounds like such a great idea! I’m glad I was able to hear about it.

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