Olympian adapts to virtual learning

Journalism: a profession well known for its social aspects which involve interviewing people, working with peers, and publishing and distributing the newspaper.

However, with distance learning in effect due to the COVID-19 virus, how has the CVHS Olympian journalism team adapted to this new form of learning and publishing stories?

“In the past, editors and staff writers had more opportunities to interact and get to know each other during class, which helped them form strong bonds with each other… Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected these routines,” said advanced journalism student Nikita Thomas. 

As a group, The Olympian staff has managed to persevere in distance learning, publishing a newsprint edition with stories from each individual student.

Journalism students plan to publish several more print editions and many more articles at cvhsolympian.com.

“With all of the trending news stories such as COVID, the election, protests, and more, we are working hard to cover all the stories that affect our community,” said first year journalism student David Hernandez.

Editor-in-Chief Tiffany Ho agreed. “With distance learning, we students are becoming more exposed to different software which can prove to be a learning experience for students,” she said.

Ho also provides reasons for why distance learning journalism wise is not just a negative experience. “Journalism is not solely based on newspapers and such. Getting exposed to technology is a positive in modern society,” she said.

The Olympian team puts a lot of effort into holding interviews with people relating to their stories so readers like you can have the privilege to read such first-hand experiences.

Journalism students have never had to adapt to such a drastic change, but the Olympian crew has certainly made the most of the situation. Through hard work and constant perseverance, the class will further acclimate to distance learning to help produce more stories.

2 thoughts on “Olympian adapts to virtual learning

  • January 18, 2021 at 4:34 pm

    I applaud the cvhs journalism class for keeping cvhs updated on current events despite these difficult times. Interviews and class discussions may not be as personal but I believe people may be bonding through these shared troubling times. I’m sure the yearbook class is also having difficulties as well in terms of pictures but I am hopeful to see how everything will turn out.

  • December 9, 2020 at 12:07 am

    Interesting article. I would’ve liked to hear more about the effect quarantine has had on taking pictures for The Olympian, but, other than that, it was very informative, if not a little too optimistic, in my opinion.

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