Library opens with curbside pick-up

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m., librarian Angela Anthony gets ready to give students their books in front of the library. It is a simple setup, one table, a couple chairs, and a shelf with all the books on it. 

Anthony’s job is not just handing out books, she also does everything else that allows the student to pick up books. That process starts with the website ( where you check out books. From there, all you have to do is wait to pick up the book you choose. 

According to junior Frida Veliz, a regular at the library curbside pick-up, “The process is very easy to manage, and I can get some great books every week to let my mind wander in them even if physically I am at home. While I pick my books I wear a mask and there is the social distance, so, I will say that my experience has been amazing and safe!”

Safety is one thing that Anthony has spent plenty of time thinking about. She, with the help of Jennifer Oliver from the bookroom, has figured out a process, though it was difficult. 

“The CDC originally said that we just had to quarantine the books for four days, but then they found traces of the virus were still on the books. So I had to change my system that I had in place,” said Anthony. The system in place now is four days in quarantine while not touching other books, which is what the CDC recommends.

This online process is popular with the students who use it. Most are very satisfied with it. 

“There is nothing about the process that I will change,” said Veliz.

When asked about any changes he would make to this process, freshman Xavier Elliott, another student who frequently uses curbside pick-up, offered one suggestion, “The only thing I can dislike is that there is only one pickup day, though it does not affect me it probably affects others.”

Now, with all of the safety measures in place and the website running, Anthony is just trying to get more kids to check out books.

“It’s definitely been slow, trying different methods to get students to come out, but not seeing large numbers coming by,” said Anthony. According to her, the amount of people checking out books for a given week is between three and ten. 

Anthony plans to continue curbside pickup for as long as is necessary. She continues to encourage more students to go to the website and check our books because she believes books are an important tool to becoming a better person.

 “We need more empathy in this world! Books are a great vehicle in which you can gain a deeper understanding of different experiences and then use that understanding to help you navigate all the relationships in your life,” said Anthony.

One thought on “Library opens with curbside pick-up

  • December 8, 2020 at 6:46 pm

    The library’s curbside pickup order is useful. Most places have adapted to curbside pickup and now that the library is practicing it students are able to get books still while practicing social distancing. I agree that books are an important tool to becoming a better person because reading is essential and helps you learn new words. During this time it is good to be learning as much as we can virtually.

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