Seniors showcase their art projects at AP Art Show

CVHS hosted its annual AP Art Show on April 11 at the exhibition hall in the CFA. Many seniors in the AP Art class had the opportunity to present the art pieces they had been working on for almost a year.

Every piece of art that was displayed in the gallery shows a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Some pieces of art showed cultural aspects and others simply showed amazing beauty. Each artist also presented their “concentration statement” next to their artwork to describe what they did and what their work represents.

Senior Angelina Retodo describes the relationship between humanity and nature in this world in her art.

“On this Earth, there is a delicate balance between humanity and nature that allows everything that lives on it to thrive. What each work of my concentration represents is a prospective situation in which this balance is disturbed by man, and as a result nature is bound to push back with considerable consequences,” said Retodo.

Senior Faith Franco uses abstract patterns to create portraits of the people that mean the most to her.

“I focus on using complementary colors and wave-like patterns so my finished result can have a sense of movement and flow. I’m trying to capture them in a moment that really represents them and recreate that,” she wrote.

Senior Vicky Wu is another artist who had a very unique piece of work. Inspired by a trip to her homeland, China, last summer, Wu incorporates culture and identity into her work, producing something that visually shows others what her culture means to her.

“Growing up in America, I was acquainted with both cultures, American and Asian, but nowadays, most of my friends can’t even speak their parents’ native tongue. Traditional practices and holidays are lost and I fear my future generations will grow up not having a cultural identity besides American,” wrote Wu.

Not only was the AP Art Show an amazing success with everyone having a great time enjoying every artist’s unique creations, but it allowed the artists to display the creations which they put a lot of time and effort into.

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