Stephens honored as ROP teacher of the year

Through her years here at CVHS, Michelle Stephens has made sure to provide the best of her knowledge and inspire each student she has come across to strive for success. That’s why she is 2017-2018 ROP teacher of the year.

Stephens plays a massive role in the development of CVHS students. Her job consists of teaching business classes while managing to advise and mentor CVHS DECA. She is the epitome of a true teacher. Not only is she a day time super mentor but she is also a mother and a wife.

“I feel grateful and honored to have received this recognition. I love all my students and try to do my best to make sure each student leaves my class with skills and knowledge to be successful in the real world,” said Stephens.

Stephens has dedicated her time and energy to her DECA officers and members, putting in countless hours and effort to make sure CVHS students strive to win time and time again in the conference they attend each year. With over 30 of her students placing in top eight of the 2017- 2018 NorCal conference, no wonder she has received this level of recognition.

“Watching each student grow from the being of the year to the end is truly amazing. Each student has their own mind and set of skills and watching them apply the tools they’ve learned and implement them in DECA competitions and win, it’s something that can’t be described. I’m just extremely proud of my DECA family,” said Stephens.

One thought on “Stephens honored as ROP teacher of the year

  • December 8, 2020 at 9:33 am

    I am very proud to have been a student of hers last year in the Marketing class. She truly does encourage her students a lot and taught us a lot of skills and knowledge about many different topics such as branding.

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