Survivors Club aims to support students

Every day, tons of CVHS students struggle with depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or thoughts of suicide. The new club on campus called the Survivors Club promotes mental health awareness and education within our school.

Survivors Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in room 707. The club also provides an open space for students to discuss topics on different issues. They sit in a circle and give everyone a chance to let out any emotions.

“I started this for people in need of a safe place. I’ve shared my personal story to get others to open up as well. We sit in a circle and use a restorative justice technique to help others,” said club president Isabella Bzowski.

It is a really great opportunity for students to be able to get stuff out that they are sitting with. Students are able to share experiences of what they are going through here at CVHS on campus and personal lives outside of school. They have a variety of topics ranging from relationships with parents, friends, significant others, challenges of being a teen, and other topics that teens are facing,” club advisor Erika Ikemoto expressed.

Though the club isn’t an official support group or a set prevention team, it is important to have like minded students come out and use their voices. However, not all members are required to speak out. They are allowed to sit in and listen for support.

“The group of students who show up are able to be supportive with one another and connect in a way that allows for real conversations. If certain students do not want to share personal experiences they are still welcome into this safe environment to help provide validation and support from one another,” Ikemoto said.   

Overall the new club gives CVHS teens a platform to share their voices and raise awareness on mental health.


2 thoughts on “Survivors Club aims to support students

  • February 14, 2018 at 10:26 am

    I feel like this club is very helpful to a lot of cvhs students. It’s always important for people to have a safe space to talk about what’s really going on in their lives.

  • February 13, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    I think this club is supporting a very good cause because not many people are willing to put themselves out there and talk about how they’ve struggled(or struggle currently), but this club has created a safe space for people where they can openly express how they feel. I hope everyone stays supportive and keeps an open mind to all opinions and emotions.

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