Teacher Feature: Tigerman inspires Spanish students

Loved by many, Candice Tigerman has inspired student after student to learn and experience the Spanish language. Her students look forward to spending the period in her class, and they are never disappointed. She loves teaching the class as much as her students love learning with her.  In her AP classes, she likes to get into real world issues and debate on all the topics.

“My students make me laugh.  I love having a job in which I can come to work and laugh on a regular basis,” she said.

Tigerman went into teaching because she wanted to make a difference. She decided she wanted to do this by going into educational policy and became a teacher to get the experience she needed. But she fell in love with teaching and intends on continuing to teach and inspire her students.  

“This is my second year in a row having Tigerman as a teacher and she’s always been really supportive of me both in her class and in school in general,” said AP student Carly Hegarty.

Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the students. Shelikes having a job in which she can laugh during on a regular basis. She also likes to see her students develop, from first year Spanish all the way to AP.

“As a teacher I work harder than I ever thought I would, because I feel inspired to do better by my students and colleagues,” she said.

Tigerman is a model teacher and serves as an inspiration to everyone around her. CVHS is lucky to have her.  She works hard every day and makes everyone smile.

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