Spring choir concert showcases amazing talent

As senior Andre Juntilla charismatically conducted the Vocal Ensemble, the audience knew that the night was going to be an enjoyable one.

CVHS choirs held an end-of-year Spring Concert on Friday, May 12 in the CFA. The Spring Concert always features all of the ensembles and takes place at the end of the year to show off the great choir and bid farewell to the seniors.

          The concert began with some selections performed by Vocal Ensemble, the beginning choir. Vocal Ensemble performed a mix of upbeat and slow songs, conducted by choir teacher Laryssa Sadoway. However, two of the selections were conducted by seniors Grace Hancock and Andre Juntilla, whom are part of Madrigals, the most advanced choir.

Sadoway began the show by introducing the choir and speaking a little about their previous shows including the extremely popular Pops which happened just a few weeks before.

          After the Vocal Ensemble performance, the intermediate girls of Les Chants performed. They were also conducted by Sadoway and performed a mixture of songs as well.

After Les Chants came the A Capella choir, which is the larger, more advanced choir made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The choir split into two parts. One  made up of sopranos and altos (females), and the other tenors and basses (males), each performing a few selections.

The show closed with some selections from the highest choir, Madrigals. Madrigals is made up of a few selected students who go through a rigorous audition process. The ensemble performed their last songs as a part of the CVHS choir and the audience bid them farewell with huge applause.

Senior Candace Ko, a member of Madrigals, recounted her memories and how she feels about ending her time in the choir. “Choir is amazing. It’s a community that no other program on campus can replicate. I’m so privileged to have been a part of Madrigals this year. No matter what mood I walked into rehearsal with, I always came out happy. For someone who’s been in choir for all four years of high school, it’s hard to think about how I won’t have this in college. I encourage everyone to audition for any choir. What you’ll experience throughout the year is something you won’t get from any other class.”

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