Urbanize dances into Days of Diversity

The Days of Diversity presentations included an interactive activity led by the Urbanize Dance Club.

Students whose teachers signed their class up for the event gathered in the gym, where they met a few members of the Urbanize Club, and heard a short presentation about the universal culture and language of dance.

The presentation focused on the importance of expressing oneself through dance and the impact it can bring. After the presentation, the Urbanize dancers brought everyone onto the gym floor, and the students rotated “stations,” learning different dances from an Urbanize Club member at each one.

At the end of the event, everyone gathered in a circle to showcase the dances they learned. The Urbanize Dance Club had a really nice idea with this interactive event for Days of Diversity, which brought a new opportunity for students to learn new perspectives.

As club members encouraged all to dance, people watched the instructors and their classmates dance. Conversations buzzed an laughs were loud as both club members and classmates showed off their moves. The music the Urbanize club danced to brought the spirits in the room high which really encouraged all to dance.

This presentation was quite interesting and eye opening to the impact of dance in different cultures. This interactive activity felt like a great opportunity to show others how to be yourself and really dance like no one is watching. It showed the audience the importance of letting your personality and passion shine through.

Urbanize brought great positivity to no only their audience, but continues to bring great diversity and positivity to our school. The group highlights the importance of coming together through adversity with the power of dance, rhythm and making friends.

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