Teamwork wins basketball tournament

With players jumping, running, and dribbling the ball, the energy was definitely high in the auxiliary gym during the three-on-three basketball tournament. From March 6-10 during lunch, the gym was filled with students and teachers watching the teams go head to head in their half-court matches.

On the last day of the matches, there were two finalist teams playing. The teams consisted of seniors Jaylin Dempsey, Robert Calloway, and Okwaas Muhammad, against seniors Sam Higuera, Nicholas Jacoby, and Cole Coffey.

In an attempt to catch up with the opposing team in the last three minutes of the game, Higuera, Jacoby, and Coffey scored five consecutive points. After 20 minutes, the game ended with a score of 16-14 as Dempsey, Calloway, and Muhammad won the tournament.

“The game was ours in the beginning. When Okwaas started going off, so did the rest of the team. This is a team effort kind of thing so we have to be a team to get through. And if I had another year I’d definitely go for it again,” said Dempsey

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