CVUSD receives a new superintendent

Following the retirement of Jim Negri, Castro Valley Unified School District has hired Parvin Ahmadi as the new superintendent for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond.

Ahmadi has 27 years of experience in education and began her career in East San Jose where she taught kindergarten, first grade, and sixth grade. “It was a unique experience,” she said. “I loved teaching.”

Ahmadi taught for ten years before her first school administrative position in Fremont. She continued to excel in administration, and has been superintendent of the Pleasanton Unified School District for the past five years.

Now, Ahmadi will be serving the schools of Castro Valley, and she is very excited to be doing so. “I truly believe Castro Valley is an amazing school district and great community,” she said.

President John Barbieri of the CVUSD board of education commented during a press release, “We found a new superintendent who meets and surpasses…qualifications.”

Ahmadi brings a standard of excellence with her and she has many plans to improve the teaching and learning programs in Castro Valley. She emphasized the importance of constantly modifying and improving teaching methods to keep up with the changing technological world.

“[We need to] take a step back and think about how students learn today,” Ahmadi stated. “We’ve got to have environments where [the students] learn to be flexible thinkers.”

She also called to attention the multiple facility needs on all the campuses in Castro Valley. “We don’t have air conditioning in many of our rooms,” Ahmadi noticed.

She is already working diligently for the district to be able to receive a bond and make facility renovations.  

Ahmadi places great value on the opinions and voices of students. “We need to ask the kids: What do you think classrooms should look like? What kind of learning environment do you need?” she said, “I’m really interested in finding what students are passionate about.”

Passion is what Ahmadi has, especially to help students learn and achieve. Supporting students not only academically, is so important for her. “Mental health is critical [for students],” she exclaimed. “I truly want to listen.”

Ahmadi also commented on the state’s new common core standards and SBAC tests. “It’s a move in the right direction,” she said, “[but I] do not believe a summative assessment should be the only measure we use.” Ahmadi dislikes the fact that one single test is used to measure students’ abilities.

If there’s one thing you need to know about our new superintendent, it’s that she is truly passionate about advocating for students and teachers.

“Our teachers have the most important job because they create all the other professions,” she said.

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