Winter break was a snowballin’ time

Students marvel at the idea of no school, sleep, and getting busy with personal hobbies over winter break. When asked what they did over break, most students would say

they got a lot of sleep and visited family. Although, some students tell of places  they went to and what they did there, including the many crazy stories that occurred.

One example is Logan Gorkov, who went to Las Vegas for three days and got to see Criss Angel, who is “EXTREMELY pop punk.”

“I also watched a bunch of dancers in masks get a dozen middle-aged men to do the Harlem shake,” said Gorkov.

Senior Xavier Taylor told of how he got to go his brother’s work at a psychiatric home in Ventura and witnessed a patient try to attack the staff. His brother helped with restraining him.

“He distracted him by asking what time it is and when he looked away, he jumped him. They got him but my brother got punched pretty hard by the guy,” said Taylor. That’s a good way to spend Christmas Eve, with family.

The last week before school resumed included New Years Eve when people described attending family parties, watching movies, ice skating and finally, simply resting.

“I took my friend ice skating for the first time with a group of our friends,” said

Sophie Maras Gillet.

Break came and went, and left students with many stories.

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