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“Posh” is not the first word I would use to describe the typical Castro Valley business.

That being said, I was of course very eager to try the new Posh Bagel that opened in December in the Castro Village.

The variety of choices on the menu immediately attract one’s attention: plain bagels with cream cheese, bagel dogs, sweet and savory crêpes, bagel sandwiches, and even donuts and cronuts.

Although the word “posh” suggests an expensive and formal environment, in actuality, the place is very clean, friendly, and quite affordable. The place feels very much like a café, which makes it an ideal stop for high schoolers during lunch, or just for anyone who wants to eat a quick meal during the week.

For people who enjoy a high-quality, simple bagel with cream cheese, Posh Bagel will not disappoint. The quality and freshness in their bagels makes them a good choice, no matter how minimal you want to go with your bagel.

The sandwich option is great, especially for meat-lovers. Each sandwich is jam-packed with meat and various toppings to your own choosing. For the price (ranging from $6.50-$7.25), this is a very good value meal.

For me, the most intriguing item on the menu was the cronut, which is a croissant-donut hybrid. I was initially skeptical of this mixture, but it was surprisingly tasty, though not something I will be going back for anytime soon.

Even though the Posh Bagel is a chain of restaurants, it is more local than its predecessor, Big Apple Bagels. A big highlight to this is the locally brewed coffee from Peerless Coffee and Tea, an Oakland-based company that has been around since 1924. Not only are you supporting local businesses instead of huge franchises, the quality and flavor is superior to most coffee in the area.

To improve in the future, this restaurant could put out recycling and compost bins. Though it may sound like a minor issue, I believe that restaurants have a responsibility to encourage proper disposal of waste.

Because of the convenient location and the big variety of choices, I will be back at the Posh Bagel soon. With prices ranging from $1.10-$7.40, the cost for a full meal is quite affordable. Whether you want a bagel, a sweet treat, or a cup of coffee, this place will satisfy most cravings.

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