Students rant about effects of Michelle Obama’s health plan

The vending machines are gone and students are hungry! Who could’ve done such thing! Michelle Obama?

This year all the vending machines selling food are now gone and have been replaced with machines selling water because of the school nutrition law taking away unhealthy foods and not allowing snacks over 200 calories.

Though kids do need to eat healthy, teenagers are going through puberty and need the calories to keep up with their growth. Many object to the change.

”I do think that students are going to be able to get it however they want. I don’t think that they should be stocked with purely unhealthy things but I do think they should have more snacks readily available for students,” said history teacher Ian Rodriquez.


Along with the vending machines, the school snack bar does not have a variety of snacks either to satisfy students’ appetites, encouraging students to go off campus for lunch.

“Honestly, it’s a little upsetting considering that some people depend on that for lunch because they don’t like the school food,” said student Jay Chahal.

Members of the cafeteria staff declined to comment.

Assistant Principal Jesse Hansen said school officials only had the option of water or sundry items such as chapstick or pencils due to the new law.

Sure, students are mad at the school but the school isn’t the reason for the new law and the changes.

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