Surf, Sun….Robbie?

Robbie is a Bahama Mama


This year, after I was freed from the prison that we call high school, I embarked on a journey to a beautiful place that’s known as Freeport, located on the island of the Bahamas. On my trip I had many adventures; from scuba diving, to snorkeling, to swimming with sharks, I even watched some feed. The food there is some of the best I’ve ever had.

If you are a scuba diver I recommend diving with a company called Adventure Divers. They show you so much hospitality. They set up your gear for you and prepare to take you diving with sharks.

Speaking of sharks and good food there is a restaurant called “Pier 1” located on the island that has both of these things. It’s a sushi bar that feeds all of its leftovers to the sharks that swim in the ocean below the restaurant.

I would definitely recommend this trip for travelers who are seeking some adventure, good food, crystal clear water, and white sand beaches. You’ll bring back some great memories.

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