Lady Trojans Bagel Tennyson Tennis Team

Photo taken by Lauren Jelks
Photo taken by Lauren Jelks


When many people hear the word “bageled,” they think, “What does that mean? Is it the verb form of eating a lot of bagels?” Tennis players, however, know what’s up.

Bagelling is the act of beating an opponent in a game, everything to zero. And, if there is one thing the CVHS Girls Tennis team is good at, it’s just that.

On Sept. 23 during a match against Tennyson High, the Trojans not only won the match, they “bageled” the opponent. Out of all varsity tennis games with singles and doubles matches, not a single game was lost, with a final score of 7-0.

Not only that, but singles player Aditi Gupte, doubles partners Dipti Gupte and Angela Ho, and other doubles Bethany Lum and Shuyin Xu were able to bagel their opponent in their first set. If the scoring is getting confusing, here is a quick rundown: many varsity matches are three set matches, which means you play an individual game (first to six) until one person wins at least two sets.

Playing number two singles, junior Alexa Bucciarelli double bageled her competition.

It may not sound impressive- but trust me, there is no shade, there’s a lot of wind, and you can’t walk off the court until the game is done. These girls playing like that? Inspiring.

Once again, the CVHS girls tennis team is working hard to gain a good holding in the league. Can they do it? Of course they can. Lady Trojans, you know?

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