Choir teacher Sadoway talks about future plans

Photo by Alison Dhont

Music is everyone’s favorite hobby, but for Laryrssa Sadoway, it’s a lifestyle. Sadoway is only a second year teacher at CVHS, but already she has left a huge impact on all the choir classes.

“I like teaching singing because I think it’s the most unique thing you’ll do in high school, there’s no other class that feels like this,” said Sadoway when asked why she decided to be a choir teacher.

Her impact doesn’t stop here, Sadoway has tons planned for her choirs as the year goes on. In April, CVHS Acapella and Madrigals choirs are going on a class trip to Seattle to tour and exhibit some music museums and concerts. Choir will be visiting museums like EMP (Experience Music Project), participate in two Seattle choir competitions, perform public concerts, visit recording studios, and really experience the musical side of seattle. Sadoway says it will be a new and exciting trip that she hopes the choirs will remember for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, to make this dream come true, CVHS choirs have to really work at reaching the budget.

“Were definitely doing a lot of fundraising this year….we’re doing everything from car washes to Cabaret concerts, so everyone in Castro Valley can enjoy and help out,”  said Sadoway.

CVHS Choir is responsible for raising all the money needed to go on this trip without any help from a boosters club, or the school funds. In fact, most of the choir fundraising is student organized.

“I think the hard work going into Seattle will make the trip more enjoyable. I think singing and touring Seattle will be a great way to reward ourselves for the hard work we have been doing,” said choir council member Chloe Billings.

“I like that my students leave my class in a better mood than when they came in, because they love music, just like I do,” said Sadoway.

According to Sadoway, she is in no danger of a lack of volunteers. She is certain that everyone will do their part in helping to reach their goal.

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