Outdoor school experience is worth the never ending makeup work load

Throughout the past month, some CVHS students were noticed to have been missing for a week. That’s probably because they were volunteering at Outdoor School.  Every year, seniors, juniors, and even some sophomores have the opportunity to apply through a  selective application process to be a counselor for sixth graders at Camp Loma Mar. This experience in Pescadero leaves strong impressions and unforgettable memories with CVHS counselors year after year.

At Outdoor School, counselors join sixth graders on their workshop expeditions in nature, all the while singing catchy songs, and learning about earth.

“After Outdoor School, I became much more conscious about the environment and the impact I have on it,” said senior counselor David Fite.

Other counselors shared similar thoughts, as being a counselor is an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

As rewarding as the experience is, it also requires a lot of hard work. Late night meetings, taking care of a whole cabin of rambunctious sixth graders, and waking up early were only a fraction of the duties of an Outdoor School counselor.

“It changed my life because it showed me how to care for others before myself,” said senior Derek Chan.

With a rewarding experience under their belt, many counselors recommend other and future upperclassmen to apply for the opportunity. Some counselors love it so much, they plan on applying for a second year!

“Even though it was more work than last time, it was great to know that you just made a sixth grader’s week,” said junior Monica Johal, who had the tough job of being in charge of a boys’ cabin.

Something else that’s tough? Getting caught up on a week’s worth of school work.

“But I definitely think it was worth all of the makeup work I had to do when I came back,” laughed Johal.

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