Team Champions paddles to the top

pingpong0During the most wonderful time of the year, many high school students think of snow, presents, and finals.  At CVHS, we think of the annual school wide ping-pong tournament.  For one week, students from all grade levels and groups participate or watch the competition tables during lunch.

“Ping-pong brings diversity to the sports we play at our school,” said senior Ashley Perez. “It’s different.”

Ping-pong is a popular pastime at CVHS.  Clumps of people chat and wait by the tables to play at break, lunch, and after school.  Sophomore Ernest Chow from Team Unicorns thinks that ping-pong is fun and exciting at CVHS.

“It’s an opportunity for students to express themselves in a controlled and safe environment,” said Chow.

According to junior Brian Shinn, who also participated in the tournament, there is always a lot of momentum and competition in the games. But despite the intensity, students are dedicated and having fun during the competition.

“People play in the annex to take a break from academics,” said Shinn.

At the tournament, a sense of fun and intensity filled the gym as crowds of people cheer for the teams.

“Every mistake is magnified because there are probably more than 50 people here,” said Kyle Chan, a sophomore from Team Masterballs.

The championship game was between Team Champions (Miguel Diaz and Cash Carmody) and Team Team (Justin Wong and Matthew Wong).  Team Champions beat Team Team with the scores 21-15 and 21-16, winning two out of three matches to win the game.

“We’re the well-deserved champions,” said Diaz and Carmody, grinning with their friends.

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