Seniors win homecoming 2013

Homecoming croppedThe homecoming competition this year resulted in a convincing win for the Class of 2013.

Seniors reigned, finishing in first with 1,400 points total, a result of having won in all of the categories except the book drive.

The juniors took second with 985 total points by taking second in most categories. A big hindrance to the junior score was the amount of people caught in tardy sweeps, which cost the class 100 points.

Sophomores, who took third with 830 points, had the least amount of students stranded in tardy sweeps, and averaged second place in the lunchtime activities.

The freshman class finished last with a total of 510 points, though finished second in the penny drive.

“I think the senior class song girls deserved their first place title,” said junior Rix Linayao. “They were really creative. They had a nice use of props and their choreography kept them moving to different places of the field which kept it entertaining.”

The placement of male skit got praise from the students as well.

“The placing for the male skit performances seems very accurate, because male skit for each class gets better each year through experience and by observing how other classes perform,” exclaimed senior Justin Lew.

“The seniors deserved first place because our skit had a great storyline, humor that made the audience and judges laugh, clean choreography, and we showed we had fun on the field,” Lew added.

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