Latino students celebrate academic success

The names of Latino and Latina CVHS students rang through the cafeteria on May 3 during the celebration of Latino Achievement night.

Students from all grades who have a Latino background and a 3.0 GPA or higher were awarded with a certificate of recognition. The ceremony started with Principal Mary Ann Valles making an announcement.

“We are excellent examples of our vibrant culture,” Valles said. This vibrant culture was celebrated with food, drinks and dances from different cultures.

As people milled around the cafeteria, several speakers shared their feelings on their graduation from CVHS and their experiences through college.

Near the end of the night, students from their separate classes were called out and brought to the stage to receive their award.

“It gives us confidence to succeed in our goals,” said sophomore Astrid Mancada.

“It encourages me for my later years,” said her younger sister Estephany Mancada.

The awards night recognized students who work hard in school, and hopes to push the students farther along in their education.

“It makes me want to continue in school,” said sophomore Luis Tapia.

As each student left the cafeteria every family had someone to be proud of.

“Hold on tight to our culture,” said Valles. “We are one family.”

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