CVHS adds it up in American Math Competition

The nerve-wracking tick-tocks of the classroom clock, the rapid scribbles of squeaking #2 pencils, and the pounding hearts of stressed out students were just a few familiar sounds heard throughout the American Mathematics Competition (AMC). Held on Feb. 7, the 75-minute competition designed as a test was not only administered on the CVHS campus, but in hundreds of schools nationwide.

CVHS administered to their students two AMC exams that tested mathematics on a high school level: the AMC 10, given only to freshmen and sophomores, and the AMC 12, aimed more towards juniors and seniors, but can be taken in any grade level. The multiple choice competition might seem easy since it contains only 25 questions, but the examination covered a wide range of concepts and was proven quite difficult to many. Although some students were on the brink of a math-ache after enduring the AMC, such a challenging test is one worth taking.

“The AMC is for students who want to demonstrate their mathematical abilities,” said Andrea Eldridge, the Mathematics Department Chair. “You can receive certificates and plaques of achievement and recognition if you score high. Plus, it looks good on college résumés!” she added with a laugh.

Math teacher Glenn Mitchell also stated that the AMC is a significant and beneficial test to consider taking during high school.

“The questions [on the AMC] are written in a non-traditional textbook way and it really brings out the creativeness in students when they try and answer the problems, as there are many ways in solving them,” said Mitchell. “Also, some colleges, especially those centered around mathematics, science, and engineering, usually ask about AMC 10 and AMC 12 test results, expecting that you had already taken them.”

In addition to the teachers’ views of the AMC, some students also believe that this mathematics competition is a test significant enough to be given at least a try.

“To tell you the truth, the AMC was quite challenging. All of the questions required you to think ‘outside the box’ and use fundamentals from many different topics in math like geometry and probability. Nonetheless, it was fun trying to solve hard math problems!” junior Kristie Huie commented. When questioned if she’d recommend the competition to other students, she replied, “I do recommend the AMC to others. It’s a good experience and it’s good for colleges to see.”

Overall, the AMC was a challenge, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Instead, it was a door opening into a future of endless possibilities. Add up those numbers and you’ll soon realize why the AMC is a test-styled competition you don’t want to regret not taking.

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