CVHS potentially offering new AP classes

More AP classes may be offered at CVHS next year. AP Biology and AP Economics classes are both under consideration.

At the moment, the idea of additional AP classes is at its first stages. Teachers from departments like science and social studies vote on the proposals, which can then advance to the school’s leadership council. If it approves, the proposals advance to the school board.

One of the AP classes the school wants is AP Economics. At the moment, the idea of this class has been approved by the teachers and is heading to the leadership council meeting.

If AP Economics gets approved, it will be very different from the current CVHS economics classes. This class won’t be only a semester, but a whole year. Concepts will be explored to a greater depth and detail. It will also make CVHS one of the few schools that has an AP Economics class.

“It will be a lot more interesting and it’s different,” said social studies teacher David Roth-Rossi.

AP Biology would also going to be different from Honors Biology and regular biology.

“There will be more labs,” said science teacher Robert Patrick, “and it will only be available to juniors and seniors.”

It would also go more in depth and have more detail, just like AP Economics.

In addition to those classes, AP Government was considered. But this class won’t be available next year because social studies teachers did not approve it by vote.

Some who didn’t agree with the idea of AP Government were social studies teachers Carmelina Frasca and Mark Mladinich.

Frasca expressed that if CVHS has an AP Government class, colleges will think that since the school offers AP, the kids that push hard will take the AP class.

“It counts against the students,” said Frasca. “The existing government class has opportunity for advanced students to excel.”

Mladinich said, “I like having students who are in different skill levels. It gives different perspectives for the subject.”

He also thinks that the curriculum fits everyone and the advance students can take a lot from the class.

Even though this class won’t be an option for next year, other teachers feel that they should give it a chance.

“We are going to ask students about their opinion on the issue,” stated social studies teacher Roger Kim, “and if the students like the idea of AP Government, then the teachers will reconsider it.”

To some students these new AP classes would sound like a great opportunity. One would receive more knowledge about the world and college credit for these classes. There are many benefits to these classes, but they also have a few downers. Students would have to work harder, as the curriculum would go more in depth.

These new AP classes will make scheduling more difficult. Not only will it mess with scheduling, it takes advanced students out of the regular classes.

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