CVHS clubs making a difference in the world

Amnesty International:

Amnesty International is a global organization dedicated to raising awareness of the violation of human rights around the world.

The Amnesty club at CVHS contributes to the cause by writing letters of conscience to US politicians and other government figures.

These letters often campaign for the release of political prisoners in various countries, and press politicians to focus more attention on human rights abuses, both in other countries and our own.

The club also works locally, organizing walkathons, bake sales and other events in order to raise awareness and money for various causes.

“We do a lot of community service,” says President Sierra Gibson. The club meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 506.

Model U.N.

Model United Nations allows students to step into the shoes of a diplomat, representing the interests of a specific nation in a simulation of the UN.

By deliberating on resolutions that affect the nations they represent, members are given the opportunity to improve their debating and speaking skills and their understanding of current political issues.

The club travels to conventions that attract high school students from around the world.

“The whole purpose of the program is to learn about international politics while having a blast,” summarizes President Aily Zhang.

Model UN meets on Fridays at lunch in room 105.

One World, Una Familia:

One World, Una Familia (formerly known as ALHAJA) is dedicated to celebrating Latino cultural pride and the diversity within our community.

The club organizes events promoting the Latino population at CVHS, such as an upcoming dance for Days of Diversity featuring Latin music.

“We just want to remind people that we are here and we have a voice,” says club President Yesenia Guiterrez. The club meets on Tuesdays at lunch in room 913.

Eat Right Club:

The Eat Right Club is dedicated to educating members of the CVHS community about healthy habits.

“The purpose of the club is to promote healthy lifestyles and to fight obesity,” explains club Vice President Caitlin Yee.

During meetings members sample nutritious foods, learn tips for leading a healthier lifestyle, and participate in fun events like club workouts. The club meets Fridays at lunch in room 901.

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