Aisha Ramirez wins $2,500 grant

Every year the San Francisco Chapter of the California Council of the Blind issues a $2,500 grant to legally blind individuals.

This year they have issued it to Aisha Ramirez, a senior at CVHS. She is legally blind and will use the money to buy a computer and printer.

She will also buy a special computer software that will magnetize and verbalize what’s on the computer screen.

This will enable her computer to be easily accessible to her needs.

As a senior she is very interested in Anime and Japanese culture.

When asked the biggest problem of being half blind, she said, “There’s really no problem at all. The teachers do whatever they can to make things easier for me.”

Ramirez was contacted by Charlie Dorris who is the co-chair of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Council of the Blind.

He contacted her saying that her records really stood out and that’s why she was picked.

“He said they picked me because I was really easy to talk to, friendly, and had good records,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez is hoping to attend Chabot College to study to be a stenographer.

This computer will help her achieve her goals and become the stenographer she has always wanted to be. “I’m very excited!” she said.

All this goes to show that with a little help and recognition anyone can do anything.

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