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Experience a new world

Speeding through town in your dream car, flying planes across the city, and cruising the open sea in a boat are just a few of the amazing features included in “The Crew 2.” The game allows you to go anywhere in the United States, using any method of transportation: car, plane, boat and motorcycle.

Although not very realistic, you can see some great sights and get from place to place faster than the blink of an eye. The game allows you to fly under the Golden Gate Bridge, speed your way around New York City and explore Miami Beach from the comfort of a boat.

           Once you choose your method of transportation, the game allows you to pick from a variety of vehicles, from your average commuter car to your dream supercar. For off-roading, you can select from your basic pickup truck to a mega off roader. The same holds true for planes and boats.

           In order to unlock all of these amazing vehicles, you need to complete challenges. These challenges can consist of races, high-speed traps and slalom time trials. When attempting to complete these assignments, you have to obtain a certain amount of points or the reward will not be given.

           One negative aspect about the game is that it is not always realistic. when you crash your car into a wall or another car, nothing happens to your car. With planes, motorcycles, and boats you are moved to a totally different screen upon crashing, which can be very annoying.

           The best aspect of the game is the realism of the cars. Every detail down to the reflections and shadows are perfect all around, and even the exhaust noise matches up with the car you have selected and are driving.

           Overall, “The Crew 2” is a fun game to play, despite some annoying features. The detailed graphics, especially on the cars, are very realistic and the hand to game coordination make you feel as if you were really driving a car or flying a plane.            Among all the various games that are available today, “The Crew 2” stands out from typical violent games and offers hours of great entertainment. In addition, the game can be played on multiple platforms such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, making it versatile and available to wider audiences.