Baker turned princess

The Netflix movie “The Princess Switch”  starring Vanessa Hudgens is the perfect movie to watch this holiday season. It calls for attention to issues occurring in the world currently but also holds the typical Christmas movie feel.

The star Stacy DeNovo, a baker from Chicago, goes to the Kingdom of Belgravia to participate in a baking competition along with her friend Kevin and his daughter Olivia.

While preparing for the competition, she runs into Lady Margaret Duchess on Montenegro who then discovers they look identical. Margaret then invites Stacy to the palace and asks if they could trade places for a few days.

Being a duchess of a kingdom, Margaret hasn’t had the normal experiences, so Stacy agrees. The two then switch spots and spend a couple of days in different lives. When they reunite, they discover that they do indeed want to switch places and so they do. Lady Margaret ends up with Stacy’s friend Kevin while Stacy goes to marry the king.

When Stacy spends time with the king she makes him aware of many issues that he has been shielded from. They visit an orphanage where none of the children get gifts on Christmas so Stacy insists they go to get gifts. This was just one of the many issues the film gave attention to.

Watching this movie, one would assume it would just be a sappy Christmas movie, but it is more than that. It is a story of discovering family, finding love and growing not only as individuals but as pairs. This movie was absolutely incredible and I would recommend it to anyone especially those who enjoyed Hudgens in the “High School Musical” series.